Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Hey happy new year! Im sure a lot of you are planning on celebrating it. I mean going out with your peers and have some fun. Hmm i wonder how fun it is-celebrating new year. i can't find how fun it is. I mean going out, wait until 12 arrives and scream the hell word out loud. I cant find 'FUN' there. i never celebrated new year in my 18 years of living. We can say im outdated and not a really fun guy to hang out with. HAHA. And frankly speaking, i never know what new year is. i mean every single day is similar to the other day and i never give a damn to any celebration. BORING.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Fuck i got a BIG F for my Time In Class Essay HAHAHAHA. My arguments were not relevant at all. Fuck it the lecturer couldn't stop nagging to the whole class. Well a real BIG F is hard to get and im happy T.T

Sunday, December 20, 2009


In like 'HOURS' ill be going back to my real lovely college-which is not really lovely. im getting tired and boring of my college and life. i just cant wait to finish my semester and sleep at my fucking beautiful-comfort bed! I somehow feel that imma mighty loser! wohoo. fuck

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hye its been weeks/months since my last post. Looks like school children are happy holiday-ing. Hehe. Well happy holidays to you. I missed my school time. Well yes no assignments. Just easy homework. Alas, school is boring but still i miss school. Ok rephrasing. Heh. Oh wow yea btw i bought a new laptop! its a baby DELL(!) A little show off Hihi. Of course im happy because after years using the damn-old laptop, i got a new laptop. But the laptop is so freaking gay, 160HDD only. FUCKit! haha. and a little lag when i play dota. shit, and no web cam. But at least a Core 2 Duo processor. Nvm, im cool im cool.
till then, play safe baby. SAYONARA

Friday, December 4, 2009


yes thanks for calling me an ass. indeed i am. youre soo soo an angel my dear. congratulations-you win, again.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fuck versus Shit

Ok, stop acting like youre innocent and im the one who should be blamed! fuck shit im tired of's like i did a fucking major mistake which actually i did not! what did i do? i didnt even make the fucking story up, i got that from other bloody person. why should u hate me. blame me then. if u want me to be blamed than fine, have it your way. ILL GET THE BLAME THEN! now youre happy. if u hate me then tell me. let me know. tired of this lame crap. fine then im the one who made up the story, im the one who did hurt u, im the one who spoiled everythng, im the psychopath. FULL STOP-i hope youre happy

Saturday, November 7, 2009


You just wasted 5 seconds in your life reading this crap :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009


The new semester started. I can barely spot the fun in the new semester. The new semester if friggin boring. Im getting lazy to go to class. I dont know why, maybe the new subjects that been registered are quite boring and hard. But nvm, im going to love them later. It's just a matter of TIME. One thing that I love about going back to college, I met all my friends there! I miss them so big! They're my true soulmate. Yeah my college people are cool! I just love All of them. This is my final sem in nilai, and imma miss them (the people) later. I love you guys <3

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Get you own words,lack of ideas smart ass?


I am going back to my college today :) Oh my 3 weeks of semester break really make me sick, i really miss my college and the people there. They are just mighty cool like no other :) I just cant wait to meet all of them. I LOVE YOU GUYS <3



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Might Have No Idea Who She Is

Hey hye! just wondering if u guys recognise the left woman in the picture. Actually, i have no idea who was the woman until my sister told me that she is our cousin. Or aunty to be exact. She is hot though xD ok i feel great having a hot aunty HAHA. And pls ignore the right woman, she's my sister.

ok LAME POST -.-"

Hey Mofo

Hye just wondering what is the kinkiest thing you've ever done? haha. suddenly this fucktap question went through my mind.
OH and i would like to add something; there's an old saying "if you dont fuck yourself, you can go to hell my dear". im not so sure about the saying actually HAHA. maybe it was made up by a modern mind =D haha its funny though.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Am So Over You

Haha yes im so over her. ok you people might think i have not moved on. the fact is i did, for like months ago LMAO. it is time to have a one great new life, live like a MAN. not BOY any longer =D i just wnna be independent. and i just wanna pass all my papers xD i dont put high hopes on myself. i dont belive myself but i will work hard to achieve and get myself into the goal :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To The Person That May Concern

I love you. HAHA what am i crapping. im no longer in love. yeah, resting from loving people hihi. why should i love anyone else if i dont love myself first. but i might fall in love again later =x just waiting for the right person >,< phew it might takes years i guess as im not as hot as other guys. i know i realise that.
till then, see ya <3

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eid; Kudos.

1st agenda before anything else, including those adept comment on fail people and etc.

Happy eid mubarad to all who celebrate it; May my harsh, heart penetrating words be forgiven, again this year. Sorry, if ive been absent for too long to whoever are still reading this blog. Sorry if ive not offended you (yes you read it right, not offended), sorry if my lack of post and updates are somehow affecting in your rel life anyway (if thats the case, i truly believe you need some spiritual guidance or some reality check)

Anyway, again, happy eid mubarak. Im still lost for words even after all this month; after all this minutes and such.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Eid Mubarak

i would like to wish all of my friends, bloggers and whoever knows me Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir and batin. im sorry if ive done anythng wrong or scratched your heart and feelings. please dont annihilate me :( i love you guys, yes you. yes youre the one who reads this post haha. till then, wish you have a good hari raya this year.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Chill :)

dont get too happy and enjoy too much guys. because even the most happiest creature in the world get sad one day. so do u. so dont enjoy too much, live averagely. u can get yourself happy but not too much aite ;)

Cannot Resist

Horny lah sial =x
well, we as human being do have feelings. i dont care if u wanna say anything about this haha. i know, u also sometimes feel the same. blek!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trying to be Religious

You know, there are 2 things in life cannot wait.
#1,doing good deeds
#2,fullfulling filial piety

i myself havent started number one. how am i going for the number two?


i want her i want her i want her xD
HIHI im totally insane. my insanity is beyond expectation. WOHOO!
BUT =x the thing is she doenst want me haha.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


you know, sometimes fate doesnt always be by our side. what can we do except for moving on. but i would like to make an exception for that. sometimes we can change the fate itself. so,im going to challange my fate and look forward, get what i wanted.

forget about that,

hmmm, its kinda hard to accept for what had happened. i spoilt a lot of things, lost tonnes of happines. im too selfish, i never appreciate things that ive got. slowly, im losing it. and i have nothing now. not even a little happiness in fading away from the world. i sometimes wonder what is she doing. giggling maybe. living happily without me. its ok. ive grown up. my mind set may be like child's mind but im big enough to think as a grown up human being. ive been through a hard time, life didnt treat me very well.i only earned trash with 18 years on earth

i dont know what else to write.
PASRAH,*pasrah tu ape?*ive no idea

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


YES YOU, You know who you are.

Saturday, September 5, 2009



Friday, September 4, 2009

What A Disaster

ive been pinned with a SUPER lame problem -.- it makes my head spins super fast. DAMN GIRL, i wish i never met u, never talked to u. i feel like fucking myself.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

These 2 girls are soo soo not civilized

you act like youre hot
you act like a BITCH,WHORE
you act like youre rich
you act like people adore you
you act like everybody loves you
you act like youre from town which actually youre way too far from it
you tell people you wear ROXY,MNG,TOPSHOP(do you need to tell those to the people? like youre filthy rich?) i dont think you deserve to wear those kinda things, seriously.
geez, youre totally not hot, u told us like you had a lot of guys before. you criticized them for having other girls, youre blaming the guys by the way. you should be blamed because youre being BITCHY all the time
GROW UP (to this 2 uncivilized girls) BITCHES!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bye Bye

Ok, losing our LOVED ONE is the most hardest thing in life. Life is unpredictable. Sometimes we have to accept it. To the girl that im talking about, I know u might be reading this, all i want you to know, I MISS YOU. Call me if u feel like u miss me ok. Ill always miss you <3

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


My weekend went good. it was fun though. although i didnt manage to go to MTV FIELD STAGE, im ok with it. i was surely sure that a lot of kids planned to go there. such as LUTFI. HAHA sorry bro. i learnt new things. A LOT. maaan, it was fucking fun. nizam, my cousin should be blamed for this. he taught me bad thing =p no nzam just kidding mike. i just knew that there are a lot more to be learnt.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh Classmates

Since my classmates are good in English, im just going to shut my fucking mouth up =x

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spread The Word!

Just some useful links to you guys. Content range from the nerdy ones, to the whatever intresting stuff i found on the web!

Intermission link for this blog.

Free PSP Games 1

Free PSP Games 2

Another site for Free PSP Games

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goodbye My Lover

Im going to lose my precious hair as i speak.5 months being with him makes me look hot, cute and adorable. its hard for me to let him go. he attracted lots of girls. its hard for me to let him go but the fucking university wont let him in. maybe because he is too hot. maybe it makes me hot being with him and might makes the girls in the university go like ths - " OH WOW HE'S HOT I'M MELTING". so now u know how hot i am. my hotness is hard to be imagined in your goddamn imagination. nevertheless, im going to get him back-i guess. but its ok, he doesnt really important where my future doesnt really come from him. it comes from my brain. but if he is still with me i might be a model which makes me rich. oh my im dead.


"The nightmare is over, the spell is broken! Goodbye, Kalec, my love!"

Mayhap one day, he the overly melancholic shall be bathed in Anveena's Touch once again.

Mayhap one day, he the believer shall not be deceived by the deceiver once again.

Mayhap one day,  the nightmare will be over; the spell will be broken.

23th May 09; 4:46 AM

This distant feeling just got to go. Whatever this physical manifestation; this horrid nightmare just got to stop, to give me a chance to breath; to reach out and grasp what little air that is left.


When you're heartbroken to pieces, you tend to seek whatever refugees you have left, only in my case, i got none to spare.

Mayhap one day, i shall see Anveena again. Until we meet again, my love.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rapture, Damnation, Intensity

Have you ever thought that mostly more than average that your conscience is going to make people who pondered amused, but the same conscience is the one thing that is deliberately going to make you crumpling down? Things that make you went on emotional breakdown eventually is the one thing that make others amused.

I found that fact, more than emotionally disturbing.

There’s a word in English, that sounds “Speech is silver; Silence is golden”. Maybe probably the best thing is, to actually be silent on pretty much every damn thing that ever crossed your mind. You know, keep it to yourself and stuff? And what will happen to our circle of relativity? 

Following the great Einstein/Michio Kaku (I know whoever unfortunate soul who are reading this will never have a clue of whatever crap this post is all about; but then again this blog is about crap anyway, so...) simple, it’s just going to bend more.

Maturity experiences a new set of definition. 
Your social circle will tend to bend more.
You will somehow experience a light speed warp of intelligence. 
You will assume everything is being bound to reaction of chains of reaction.
You will consider yourself being superior to others, and silence > words. And even thoughts.
You’ll end up not talking anymore.
And you’ll lose your insanity in the end.

Damnation of Conscience.
Intensity of Insanity.
The Rapture of mere Crappatanza.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pero English

HUHU looked liked i must furthering study at UIA. My parents really wanted me to go to UIA there. Maybe they wants me to became a ustaz sooner or later.but to me, i lazy go to UIA there. because i knows there, must be alim one. but i not really ready yet for changing u know.i still want enjoy life. i want try drunk tiger beer biskuat. even once in life also can. because we just lived once in life rite? so we must tried it even once. u know, life are too short itself. i think i want makes troubleshooter at UIA there. i think if i made troubles UIA will kicked me outed from the campus. huhu that are good news for me. i can move to other uni/colleges.later, i can keep my hair longs back. huhu later i will looks HOT like before. thnks for readed. peace yo!

english pro

Monday, May 4, 2009


Life as a holy healer. With the new Ulduar patch up and running, and how my wow has been inactive for like half year now, I started to feel the urge crawls at the back of my head; making it itchy, to a point where scratching is no longer a viable option. 

I wanted to play WoW, so badly. I wanted to heal people; I wanted to be proud by the countless praise and salutation that I got from the people who knew my level of skill; playing as a healing class character.

These urge that I got, this hands trembling to touch WoW again.

WoW, you’ve been there all my youth life. Never there to forsake me; never there to broke my heart to a million pieces. Just you wait; for I shall once again, thrive in your world of fantasy. Just you wait. 

With deepest love; with much love;
To my favourite Character: Sizuka.

I love you, girl.

PS: To those who are reading and got none clue whatsoever, don’t worry, its just another rambling found deep inside my heart.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lonely Driver

Im a rempit.
pacak motor is my job. but my tyre now is bald oredi. the flower from the tyre already gone. need send to repair station motor then oni can repair tayar la. i l0!k3 r3MpIt!


Saturday, April 18, 2009


hello guys ive start working so ill be busy for few weeks and i might not get this blog updated. so my fucking cousin will update this blog if he wants. if he doesnt want to, i dont give a damn. because he is fucking gay and nobody cares about him. sorry nz*m. u know that youre gay right. so, ill see u guys soon, wish u guys selamat berpuasa. till then BYE

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dead END

IM DEAD. i have to cut my fucking nice hair (haha) because the fucking quik's boss asked me to do so.


i think its time for me to say
ive kept this mouth shut far too long
i miss you, i miss you

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lost Generation


Engrish of the day.

Subject A : "Cant you speak english?"
Subject B: "Yes i am."

'Nuff said. Fikirlah sendiri macam mana tu.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gerimis Mengundang; One.

Bebal lagi.

Bebal lagi sial.

Macam lahanat, macam syaitan yang direjam.

Separuh hayat; separuh nyawa aku menahan.

Rintihan pantat, ku simpan.

Rintihan babi, ku tahan.

Mentari apa yang s`lalu kau sebut sebutkan `pabila mendung hujan yang s`lalu ku lihat.

Lakaran cinta apa; jikalau hatiku yang kau coreng coreng kan.

Merdu suara apa, jikalau telingaku berdarah mendengarnya.

Sayang, izinkan aku sayang, menyentuh perasaanku. 

Biar gelora kembali.

Biar terbang kembali.

Dan terhempas kembali.

Fcuk. Aku lempang kau mampus.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009


We miss you Hakimin. Take care my man. We will always pray for you.

your friends;

Damn You

Aku bukan nak kutuk indie tapi aku pelik je cara budak yang bukan indie nak dress up macam indie tapi terlebih dress up sial. Ade ke shuffler pun nak dress up cam indie. Pelik sial. Camni kot diorang dress? ROFL

Aku respect kau sial.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Dont Get It

"Saya budak indie"; perlu ke cakap macam tu? Bangga sangat ke cakap macam tu? You dont even know what is indie and you labelled yourself as an indie-an? Haha. Budak zaman sekarang susah betul nak faham.

I went out with my friends to celebrate our very-good-spm-result and i saw my old friends. I walked to them and shaked their hands and i heard something " waaa budak indie sial kau". That stunned me. ERR sorry i am not into indie and i don't really like people to label me as an indie-an.

Kenapa mesti indie sial? What is wrong with the world mama?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alahai, kawan kawan ku.

Alahai kawan kawan ku.
Korang tengok jer la gambar ni.

Enough Said..

Your Grace

Warning: This is a true melodramatic story.


Setiap kali aku balik dari tempat kerjaku, engkaulah benda yang pertama yang bermain main di kepalaku. Berpusing pusing ke setiap neuron; ke setiap bonjolan di otakku; yang mencetuskan perasaan gersang, gembira. Menaikkan nafsuku. Menaikkan ____ (Insert word here).


Everytime when im feeling down, feeling exhausted, i imagine you in my embrace. Imagine you by my mouth. Touching my dry lips and make it creamy wet.

Everytime when im feeling lonely, i reach out to grab you. Your wet, sulkiness texture; situated right in between your mellow sides. I reach out to run my hands down in between you. I'll play my smooth fingers, until your cream splurt out. And that cream is the greatest bliss i've ever tasted in my entire melodramatic life.


You, my wanton thing-a-magic. My grace. Cover me with your white embrace. Come close to me, and put yourself right next to my lips. Smooth out all the cream at my face, and watch me be wild like a child infected with hyperactive syndrome.

Ah, these wanton feeling will never go away as long as i got you, my darling. As long as i got you, you that makes my life bearable everyday.


Engkau, engkaulah yang sentiasa buatku gembira, segembiranya. Engkaulah sinar hidupku, sentiasa memuaskan nafsu ku. Engkaulah yang senantiasa membuatku kenyang. Engkaulah sayang ku, takkan ku hidup satu hari tanpamu...

Takkan ku hidup walau satu hari tanpamu, Oreo Double Cream. Mmmm.

"Sial la, siapa makan orea aku ni!"

I Like Mat Rempitzzzzzzz

Hyep! Titew bowing larhz. Tak tau nk buat aperhzz. Men mespes macam bowing je. Yelah, line internet titew seloww gileww. Ni larh rasew mcamzzz nk tulis blogzzz. Titew td jln2 kuar. Lawak larh kwn2 titew. Diorg bestzz sgt2 tau. I like them fucking ok? (Huh? fucking what?) sowie lah titew engilsh big nono. Td titew nmpk mat rempitzz paciak motor tau. Pastu diorg cam power gilerzz. Titew sukew larh diowg paciak. I like mat rempitzzz. Pas2 tawan titew nk kokong titew taw, titew ckp larh titew tanak sbb titew malu larh titew bewat la. Nati die kokong titew, diew tewjatoh titew kecian larh. So, titew ambik keputusan nk jaln kaki jew. Kitowang jln kaki td nk mamam kt kedai macik tu. Tp titew tanak mamam la. Titew ngah kenyang time tu so titew nengok jew membew titew mamam. Diowang mamam cam bestz jew. Titew pn lapr larh pastu. Pastu kitowang balik. Tu jelah titew nk cite kt kowang. Hope kowang suke cite titew ni ok? Titew syg kowang tau.GG

Meet The Co-Pilot

Hye! Do i know u? I do? Maybe? Huh? GG!

I am the co-pilot. So yeah, hye. i am the handsome co-pilot.
People call me handsome but i dont really like it. So please call me deco.
okokok? fuck me. Huh?

So, my engelish is so damn godly pro supergodly superduper gamehameha good. I am good in engelish. Me can tok engelish very power till your mother drops! How can your mother drops? Me donno. But me pro can make your mother drop. Drop what? Drop le. U donno drop ar? GG la like this.

Hmm. I was get my engelish 120% on my all exams. See, i told you already is very good. Engelish so damn simple. No need study one. Only talk le. You can master your engelish for sure mar. Me can teach you engelish no biggie one la. Call me, me sure teach one.

Hmm looked liked i am very gooded now so i need to rest. I want rest le.

Nice meeting you guys.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hik Hik

"Hai, i handsome ok? Me English big nono big sorry me from uzbeskistan kthxbai see you tomorrow."


Ok bye.

Haha. Ok ok, hello. I am nzam. A few days ago, me and some of the young folks; which is my fellow mateys of course, decided that we should start a blog and start crapping our hearts out. So here we are, writing absolute nonsense; labelling ourselves

Engrish is WIN.

Do not ask me what the hell its supposed to mean, because truly honestly, i don't have the slightest idea.
we just thought that its funny for some bloody messed up reason; that no one wantonly cares.
So, onto the introduction!

My name is Nzam, but you can call me anything from Basketball to Mr Retarded. I am too old to be playing games, yet i don't seem to give a damn about it. And I'm GAY. OKAY?


-.- Ok kejap, sorry la, yer saya ni memang suka merepek okay? Anyway, saya dilahirkan di dalam Marketing Meeting. Muka saya macam lahanat syaitan yang direjam. Perangai macam orang yang gila seks; terkinja kinja lompat sana sini pegang sesuatu yang dipanggil kemaluan.

What the fcuk. Anyway, do pardon me for the inappropriate use of language here and then. Anyway, on with it!

Saya rasa saya amat handsome tak tahan. Tahap maharaja. Amat suka meng-imaginasi-kan perkara yang selalunya tidak masuk akal, seperti bagaimanakah rupa Jennifer Lopez semasa menghadapai cirit birit yang agak maksima.

Ok, enough about me.

So anyway, to those who survived up to this point; you guys might started to realize and started screaming "So whats the point of this blog????!!"

Well, believe in me, there's absolutely no point. We just write, laughing at your toaster like faces, and live another day to actually talk about it at some Fast Food Chain Outlet like Ma-Ke-Donald.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ok, stop acting like youre innocent and im the one who should be blamed! fuck shit im tired of's like i did a fucking major mistake which actually i did not! what did i do? i didnt even make the fucking story up, i got that from other bloody person. why should u hate me. blame me then. if u want me to be blamed than fine, have it your way. ILL GET THE BLAME THEN! now youre happy. if u hate me then tell me. let me know. tired of this lame crap. fine then im the one who made up the story, im the one who did hurt u, im the one who spoiled everythng, im the psychopath. FULL STOP-i hope youre happy!