Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hye its been weeks/months since my last post. Looks like school children are happy holiday-ing. Hehe. Well happy holidays to you. I missed my school time. Well yes no assignments. Just easy homework. Alas, school is boring but still i miss school. Ok rephrasing. Heh. Oh wow yea btw i bought a new laptop! its a baby DELL(!) A little show off Hihi. Of course im happy because after years using the damn-old laptop, i got a new laptop. But the laptop is so freaking gay, 160HDD only. FUCKit! haha. and a little lag when i play dota. shit, and no web cam. But at least a Core 2 Duo processor. Nvm, im cool im cool.
till then, play safe baby. SAYONARA


  1. hahahahahahaha!!!
    no webcam AT ALL???!!!
    dun u just wish u had my baby ASUS???

  2. haha i was about to buy an Asus. fuck it i tell u, the Asus was perfect enough for gaming and etc. and it costs only RM2k. idk why didnt i buy it. i shouldve bought it. argghhhh

  3. apsal x beli??????
    DELL x bagus...cepat rosak
    asus is one of the best laptops
    my asus was rm3000
    and its already perfect :)

  4. idk. i was so stupid. ahh nvm. i already bought it. what can i do :) im cool