Monday, May 4, 2009


Life as a holy healer. With the new Ulduar patch up and running, and how my wow has been inactive for like half year now, I started to feel the urge crawls at the back of my head; making it itchy, to a point where scratching is no longer a viable option. 

I wanted to play WoW, so badly. I wanted to heal people; I wanted to be proud by the countless praise and salutation that I got from the people who knew my level of skill; playing as a healing class character.

These urge that I got, this hands trembling to touch WoW again.

WoW, you’ve been there all my youth life. Never there to forsake me; never there to broke my heart to a million pieces. Just you wait; for I shall once again, thrive in your world of fantasy. Just you wait. 

With deepest love; with much love;
To my favourite Character: Sizuka.

I love you, girl.

PS: To those who are reading and got none clue whatsoever, don’t worry, its just another rambling found deep inside my heart.

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