Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Grace

Warning: This is a true melodramatic story.


Setiap kali aku balik dari tempat kerjaku, engkaulah benda yang pertama yang bermain main di kepalaku. Berpusing pusing ke setiap neuron; ke setiap bonjolan di otakku; yang mencetuskan perasaan gersang, gembira. Menaikkan nafsuku. Menaikkan ____ (Insert word here).


Everytime when im feeling down, feeling exhausted, i imagine you in my embrace. Imagine you by my mouth. Touching my dry lips and make it creamy wet.

Everytime when im feeling lonely, i reach out to grab you. Your wet, sulkiness texture; situated right in between your mellow sides. I reach out to run my hands down in between you. I'll play my smooth fingers, until your cream splurt out. And that cream is the greatest bliss i've ever tasted in my entire melodramatic life.


You, my wanton thing-a-magic. My grace. Cover me with your white embrace. Come close to me, and put yourself right next to my lips. Smooth out all the cream at my face, and watch me be wild like a child infected with hyperactive syndrome.

Ah, these wanton feeling will never go away as long as i got you, my darling. As long as i got you, you that makes my life bearable everyday.


Engkau, engkaulah yang sentiasa buatku gembira, segembiranya. Engkaulah sinar hidupku, sentiasa memuaskan nafsu ku. Engkaulah yang senantiasa membuatku kenyang. Engkaulah sayang ku, takkan ku hidup satu hari tanpamu...

Takkan ku hidup walau satu hari tanpamu, Oreo Double Cream. Mmmm.

"Sial la, siapa makan orea aku ni!"

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