Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rapture, Damnation, Intensity

Have you ever thought that mostly more than average that your conscience is going to make people who pondered amused, but the same conscience is the one thing that is deliberately going to make you crumpling down? Things that make you went on emotional breakdown eventually is the one thing that make others amused.

I found that fact, more than emotionally disturbing.

There’s a word in English, that sounds “Speech is silver; Silence is golden”. Maybe probably the best thing is, to actually be silent on pretty much every damn thing that ever crossed your mind. You know, keep it to yourself and stuff? And what will happen to our circle of relativity? 

Following the great Einstein/Michio Kaku (I know whoever unfortunate soul who are reading this will never have a clue of whatever crap this post is all about; but then again this blog is about crap anyway, so...) simple, it’s just going to bend more.

Maturity experiences a new set of definition. 
Your social circle will tend to bend more.
You will somehow experience a light speed warp of intelligence. 
You will assume everything is being bound to reaction of chains of reaction.
You will consider yourself being superior to others, and silence > words. And even thoughts.
You’ll end up not talking anymore.
And you’ll lose your insanity in the end.

Damnation of Conscience.
Intensity of Insanity.
The Rapture of mere Crappatanza.


  1. i terasa bang =x btw i miss u man. see you real soon

  2. lol,this post has nothing to with anyone. Just some random babbling from an old, old guy. =D lol. roflmao. omgwtfbbqhaxlolroflcopterlollerskatesonlmaonaisseandzomgcheezeburgarz

  3. Anyway, whoever can tell me whats the common phenomenal link between those 3 words used for this post title, is truly, yruly, my soulmate. Haha.

  4. No. Haha.



  5. .... Betul. PRO PRO!