Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Might Have No Idea Who She Is

Hey hye! just wondering if u guys recognise the left woman in the picture. Actually, i have no idea who was the woman until my sister told me that she is our cousin. Or aunty to be exact. She is hot though xD ok i feel great having a hot aunty HAHA. And pls ignore the right woman, she's my sister.

ok LAME POST -.-"


  1. personaliti tv3.
    dun remember her nme tough.

  2. Haa so u do know her. ok cool =D

  3. i tahu. i tahu!
    farahin jamsari kowt!
    ape laa u khaidir, aunt sndiri pun xknal, hehe;p

  4. haha yeah dia host tv 3 smthng like that >_<