Monday, December 6, 2010

M done writing, bye

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hatin' yourself for no reason is somethin' you should try.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The depths of a man's soul cannot be measured in a manor of meters and fathoms but rather it is in my opinion only quantified by his proximity to heaven and hell. It was in such a state I ushered myself past the town tavern bursting at the seams with the sounds laughter and drunken piano playin'. Had it only been a different night, a different place, different kind of man passin' by the threshold of that innocent pub. The events that transpired there would never have even begun to be grasped by the feat. I could only ask if anyone outside that place had a clue when the exclamations of mirth became the desperate screams of the helpless begging for their very lives.

Monday, September 27, 2010



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I was born to be a thinker but then i messed up. I became a writer. I suck in writing. And i ended up being a learner.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I am a vicegerent of Allah. But why I never care the prohibitions that have been drawn for me and of course for us, Muslim. My world revolves around Maksiat, all of the bad things. Yes I am scared of Allah's punishment in the life of hereafter. I know how far am I standing now from other Muslims out there. I'm like trillion kilometers and thousand months away from them. I am left behind.

Today, I'm walking fast to get myself there, I mean where other Muslims are standing right now. I know it's impossible but insyaAllah, in Allah's will, I'll get there. I know I'm no match for paradise but it's worth a try. Come my friends, it's not like we've missed our plane and we will never get another plane. We can still reach there. Allah will assist us in many ways. It's just between you and the heart now.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Have you ever wondered how our lives going to be if someday there is no electrical power. I mean, think again. We are currently living in a very advance and luxury life. We gain knowledge from the net, submit our assignments through the net to the lecturers, watch videos online, communicate with our peer using the phone, to name a few. We depend too much on technology.Aren't you scared of all these? Sooner or later, technology will eat your ass and you will suffer excruciating pain. I am not telling technology never contributed anything to us, human being. Yes technology is very dear to us. But think again.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear friends, here i wanna share with you guys something.

Our life is actually a dream. Yes, life is a dream.
When we wake up later, we will realize that we are actually in grave.
Life isn't real. Wake up my friends, you're still dreaming.
Can you please slap me so that i can wake up from my dream.
We can wake up together, hold my hand.
Dear friend, how much sins have you committed?
Mine? Countless. I deserve hell.
But in the same time I really wanna be in Jannah.
Sleep tight friend, we'll meet each other later.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time flies..

It has been 4 weeks now. I still cant forget her.
I missed you,
MAA 64.
You be good. Love, your baby -.-"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do comment

What love really means to you actually?

Comment please.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello earthlings, how are you guys doing. Basically im busy with house chores (paintings&some other stuffs). 1 more week before the day arrives that is my brother's wedding. Ahh forget about that. Let us talk about something else. Ive someone in mind who currently bugging me - Jusin Bieber AKA Justin Bab*Fuc*er and so on. Just so you know, he is a kid who hasn't hit puberty and he needs a baby sitter. I have no freaking idea why girls out there are dying for him(sorry and no offence, not you). That stup*d Justin Bieber sounds like a 'she'. Seriously when i first heard his song in the radio i thought he was a girl which i told to myself 'hmm quite a nice voice,girl'. But the most irritating part is when people saying im having Justin Bieber's hairstyle. OMFG! You really get on my nerves Justin Biber. You are the one who copied my hairstyle and people around claiming i copied yours. Please GTH -.- PLEASE DIE JB PLEASE DIE JB PLEASE DIE JB, Bye -.-

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello, yes I am back again. Theoretically I do not know what Ive been thinking about lately. Too many unwanted thoughts crossed my mind. My house is at chaos currently with renovations happening in it. Ive been living with dust/dirty air since then. My foot never get cleaned, my room never get fresh and tidy. I shall say I am living in a very healthy lifestyle, LOL! Hmm, actually i feel pity to my parents because they spent thousands for our house. To me, of course it is a real big loss but to them it gives pleasure to their hearts&minds. I know, after several years of hard-work, this is the right time for them to finally smell all the money they managed to earn from the beginning. Guys,u would know how they feel when you guys are at their age. So do not stop loving them guys before they are gone. I LOVE MY AYAH & MUMMY S2
Khaidir :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello friends. Ive been busy lately. My brother's wedding preparation, games, etc. I still cant take my hands off my keyboard. I'm practically bored with DOTA and PirateKingOnline. I tried WoW and WoW is awesome. Alas, it needs a quite high graphic which my laptop cant really run it.
Hmm well as a consumer, Ive been wondering about something. One question suddenly appears, "why things(chair/lamp/water heater/car/battery/wallet/etc -.- do not last long". Why cant they live long without any damage even they are hit/crashed severely. I'm wondering if that is how big companies gain profit. Come on, we are in 21st century, living in a high-tech world. We can invent robots,rockets and satellites but why cant we invent a last-long goods. Go my friend, you can make a difference. Be a great inventor.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am so GG, bye.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Friends,

I am sorry for not texting, calling, asking what are u guys doing now and etc LOL. This is due to the extinction of my credits! Sorry guys. I know some of you might claim im someone who forgets friends, someone who doesnt want to spend time with the others. Its just i dont reeally have times for that, due to time management and laziness =x no just kidding. I just want you to know that i miss all of you. Including you. Yes the one who reads this -.- zzzz. Even youre not my friend. Yeap its true im a kind-hearted cute guy. Sorry, self-proclaiming. No, its true im someone worth friend with! Btw im currently super bored.
Ok, on the other hand, I play DOTA like almost everyday. Poor my baby. Sorry sweetie, you gotta understand that your bf is a pro gamer (yet to be) LOL. Im so lucky cause she understands me, else she would have dumped me =/ Dont worry i wont neglect you :) till then, see ya!

Friday, April 9, 2010

All Messed Up

Hey its been a while. 3 weeks i guess? I'm not really sure but ahh forget about that. I'm currently tensed up. I don't know what tensed me. Fuck i still cant figure it out. MUET is like weeks from now. And I'm quite stressed. I studied NONE. NONE i tell you. I at least want Ben 4 and above. Fuck i need a vacation. Please let me outta here. i mean where am i staying right now. Practically I'm sitting and wasting my fucking time DOTA-ing, PKO-ing (Pirate King Online,for your info) and FB-ing. I really have nothing to do. 3 months to go before my new semester starts back. What a very long vacation. I'm not used to a long vacation. Yes i need books with me, i love books, i sleep with them. Books are like my closest buddy. You guys aren't. Sorry no heart feelings. I'm just in love with books. Fuck i should get married soon, with a book. ah man I'm in love. fuck, stop crapping mofo. bye <3

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bereft of hope.

Hye its been weeks since my last post. Im technically bored and just finished playing dota with izzat hazwan,haris ayub,haziq harun and izzat's friend. I must say it was a tough game, PHEW. We lost but lost with pride actually. We won the first game, at least haha. Duhh dota, a game which girls hate the most. Haha. Some girls even play dota and yes i do respect them! They are prooo. Fuck it i need to spice my skills up in dota. ahh knock it out. You should be boring reading this crap. Well yeah im currently stuck here in my room doing nothing. I mean ill be enjoying a very long holiday-like 5 months? Im dead meat! i have nothing to do. Working will not be the answer. Sorry if you have that cunt idea in your mind. Ill pass, heh sorry. I dont know why, i once worked with quiksilver. I had enough. Working = boring X boring X boring X boring and blabla. Ok, done crapping. Nite friends, love ya S2

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


hye i was handsome! that was long ago laaaa. now me no longer handsome. now, tomolo i got paper one. exam la i mean. paper called BMW ma. not the car laa. haiyooo. u always jump into conclusion one. not that one. this BMW we call basic method and report writing. quite hard la this subject one. me also donno what come out. me espect easy the one lah. cause me also study not good one. i mean me study then online study then online. HAHAHAH bad me aaa. silly lo me. lazy one. when want study also i donno one. hehe. later la. i wanna go sleep lo. tired edi. me driven car so traffic jam a! walao 2 hours u think what? 2 hours in traffic jam can die ooo. haish. me go sleep aa. nite people!
Bad English teaches us to be better anyhow. I mean, where we were from? We didn't write and speak nice and smoothly when we were young. It is experience that makes us a great and intelligent. Thank you.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple yet Confusing

When you have nothing to write, you feel you're just stupid. No, not really. Maybe you're just out of ideas. I still remember my best buddy- Izzat told me a nice-great quotation. It sounds like this "A knowledgeable man knows how little he knows". Indeed, it is so true. I somehow imagine how my life would be in 10 or 20 years time. Might be suffering or enjoying life. No matter how good you are, how well you perform your life, no matter how well you manage your life, you will not get what u determined before, what you wished for and what you aimed if you face a real strong passionate hatred of society/people around you. You will not even get a single respect. I bet you. Enough said.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is the story of my love life, sad and bitter.

After months being with her, i decided to let her go real soon. This is my destiny. I was destined not to be with her for forever, or i might get her back soon. Time will tell. Months having a real deep feelings towards her, lived with her, slept with her, done everything with her are just history that will never be coming back. I feel like jumping from a newly-build skycrapper, Burj Al-Khalifah in UAE. Yes i was madly in love with her we had a splendid time together. Her body, her eyes, and hands made me live happily like no one ever exist in the world except for me and her. She treated me very nicely. She was also very dear to me. I know, what an absurd decision i have made. Im a right cunt! People said we were perfectly matched but all i can do is nothing. Good bye my dear, may god bless you. Dear feelings of mine, please go away. I'll keep you buried in my god damn fucking mind, MAA 64. Yes, she is my car.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well, practically i went out for a movie, Avatar. Yes two words. HOLY SHIT! It was awesome. Quadruple thumbs up. Somehow it sounds lame because i just watched it which others may have watched it like years ago? Heh. Dont mind them, but it was great! awesome! cool! I don't mind watching it over and over again. The mixture of happiness, glorious, and bitterness makes it the greatest film ever which makes it to be listed in my 2010 great movie list!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Ingat tetek kau besar ke nak tunjuk gambar dekat orang. Grow up dear kid.