Saturday, May 23, 2009


"The nightmare is over, the spell is broken! Goodbye, Kalec, my love!"

Mayhap one day, he the overly melancholic shall be bathed in Anveena's Touch once again.

Mayhap one day, he the believer shall not be deceived by the deceiver once again.

Mayhap one day,  the nightmare will be over; the spell will be broken.

23th May 09; 4:46 AM

This distant feeling just got to go. Whatever this physical manifestation; this horrid nightmare just got to stop, to give me a chance to breath; to reach out and grasp what little air that is left.


When you're heartbroken to pieces, you tend to seek whatever refugees you have left, only in my case, i got none to spare.

Mayhap one day, i shall see Anveena again. Until we meet again, my love.

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