Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hik Hik

"Hai, i handsome ok? Me English big nono big sorry me from uzbeskistan kthxbai see you tomorrow."


Ok bye.

Haha. Ok ok, hello. I am nzam. A few days ago, me and some of the young folks; which is my fellow mateys of course, decided that we should start a blog and start crapping our hearts out. So here we are, writing absolute nonsense; labelling ourselves

Engrish is WIN.

Do not ask me what the hell its supposed to mean, because truly honestly, i don't have the slightest idea.
we just thought that its funny for some bloody messed up reason; that no one wantonly cares.
So, onto the introduction!

My name is Nzam, but you can call me anything from Basketball to Mr Retarded. I am too old to be playing games, yet i don't seem to give a damn about it. And I'm GAY. OKAY?


-.- Ok kejap, sorry la, yer saya ni memang suka merepek okay? Anyway, saya dilahirkan di dalam Marketing Meeting. Muka saya macam lahanat syaitan yang direjam. Perangai macam orang yang gila seks; terkinja kinja lompat sana sini pegang sesuatu yang dipanggil kemaluan.

What the fcuk. Anyway, do pardon me for the inappropriate use of language here and then. Anyway, on with it!

Saya rasa saya amat handsome tak tahan. Tahap maharaja. Amat suka meng-imaginasi-kan perkara yang selalunya tidak masuk akal, seperti bagaimanakah rupa Jennifer Lopez semasa menghadapai cirit birit yang agak maksima.

Ok, enough about me.

So anyway, to those who survived up to this point; you guys might started to realize and started screaming "So whats the point of this blog????!!"

Well, believe in me, there's absolutely no point. We just write, laughing at your toaster like faces, and live another day to actually talk about it at some Fast Food Chain Outlet like Ma-Ke-Donald.


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