Wednesday, September 16, 2009


you know, sometimes fate doesnt always be by our side. what can we do except for moving on. but i would like to make an exception for that. sometimes we can change the fate itself. so,im going to challange my fate and look forward, get what i wanted.

forget about that,

hmmm, its kinda hard to accept for what had happened. i spoilt a lot of things, lost tonnes of happines. im too selfish, i never appreciate things that ive got. slowly, im losing it. and i have nothing now. not even a little happiness in fading away from the world. i sometimes wonder what is she doing. giggling maybe. living happily without me. its ok. ive grown up. my mind set may be like child's mind but im big enough to think as a grown up human being. ive been through a hard time, life didnt treat me very well.i only earned trash with 18 years on earth

i dont know what else to write.
PASRAH,*pasrah tu ape?*ive no idea

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