Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To The Person That May Concern

I love you. HAHA what am i crapping. im no longer in love. yeah, resting from loving people hihi. why should i love anyone else if i dont love myself first. but i might fall in love again later =x just waiting for the right person >,< phew it might takes years i guess as im not as hot as other guys. i know i realise that.
till then, see ya <3


  1. oyeah. dat's the spirit.
    be confident k. *winks*

  2. u nak kutuk i ke apa?heeee
    anyway,soon u dapat the right girl.then lupa kat kwn2 semua.lols :DD

  3. nak bet dgn i ke?hahahaha.anyway dude,nanti ada lah yg sesuai dgn u tuh.hot stuff kot? tak kan tak de kot?choosy ehh? :p
    *raise one eyebrow*

  4. hahaha. sapa hotstuff? hihi tak lah i macam nak single je :P