Sunday, August 30, 2009

These 2 girls are soo soo not civilized

you act like youre hot
you act like a BITCH,WHORE
you act like youre rich
you act like people adore you
you act like everybody loves you
you act like youre from town which actually youre way too far from it
you tell people you wear ROXY,MNG,TOPSHOP(do you need to tell those to the people? like youre filthy rich?) i dont think you deserve to wear those kinda things, seriously.
geez, youre totally not hot, u told us like you had a lot of guys before. you criticized them for having other girls, youre blaming the guys by the way. you should be blamed because youre being BITCHY all the time
GROW UP (to this 2 uncivilized girls) BITCHES!

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