Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goodbye My Lover

Im going to lose my precious hair as i speak.5 months being with him makes me look hot, cute and adorable. its hard for me to let him go. he attracted lots of girls. its hard for me to let him go but the fucking university wont let him in. maybe because he is too hot. maybe it makes me hot being with him and might makes the girls in the university go like ths - " OH WOW HE'S HOT I'M MELTING". so now u know how hot i am. my hotness is hard to be imagined in your goddamn imagination. nevertheless, im going to get him back-i guess. but its ok, he doesnt really important where my future doesnt really come from him. it comes from my brain. but if he is still with me i might be a model which makes me rich. oh my im dead.


"The nightmare is over, the spell is broken! Goodbye, Kalec, my love!"

Mayhap one day, he the overly melancholic shall be bathed in Anveena's Touch once again.

Mayhap one day, he the believer shall not be deceived by the deceiver once again.

Mayhap one day,  the nightmare will be over; the spell will be broken.

23th May 09; 4:46 AM

This distant feeling just got to go. Whatever this physical manifestation; this horrid nightmare just got to stop, to give me a chance to breath; to reach out and grasp what little air that is left.


When you're heartbroken to pieces, you tend to seek whatever refugees you have left, only in my case, i got none to spare.

Mayhap one day, i shall see Anveena again. Until we meet again, my love.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rapture, Damnation, Intensity

Have you ever thought that mostly more than average that your conscience is going to make people who pondered amused, but the same conscience is the one thing that is deliberately going to make you crumpling down? Things that make you went on emotional breakdown eventually is the one thing that make others amused.

I found that fact, more than emotionally disturbing.

There’s a word in English, that sounds “Speech is silver; Silence is golden”. Maybe probably the best thing is, to actually be silent on pretty much every damn thing that ever crossed your mind. You know, keep it to yourself and stuff? And what will happen to our circle of relativity? 

Following the great Einstein/Michio Kaku (I know whoever unfortunate soul who are reading this will never have a clue of whatever crap this post is all about; but then again this blog is about crap anyway, so...) simple, it’s just going to bend more.

Maturity experiences a new set of definition. 
Your social circle will tend to bend more.
You will somehow experience a light speed warp of intelligence. 
You will assume everything is being bound to reaction of chains of reaction.
You will consider yourself being superior to others, and silence > words. And even thoughts.
You’ll end up not talking anymore.
And you’ll lose your insanity in the end.

Damnation of Conscience.
Intensity of Insanity.
The Rapture of mere Crappatanza.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pero English

HUHU looked liked i must furthering study at UIA. My parents really wanted me to go to UIA there. Maybe they wants me to became a ustaz sooner or later.but to me, i lazy go to UIA there. because i knows there, must be alim one. but i not really ready yet for changing u know.i still want enjoy life. i want try drunk tiger beer biskuat. even once in life also can. because we just lived once in life rite? so we must tried it even once. u know, life are too short itself. i think i want makes troubleshooter at UIA there. i think if i made troubles UIA will kicked me outed from the campus. huhu that are good news for me. i can move to other uni/colleges.later, i can keep my hair longs back. huhu later i will looks HOT like before. thnks for readed. peace yo!

english pro

Monday, May 4, 2009


Life as a holy healer. With the new Ulduar patch up and running, and how my wow has been inactive for like half year now, I started to feel the urge crawls at the back of my head; making it itchy, to a point where scratching is no longer a viable option. 

I wanted to play WoW, so badly. I wanted to heal people; I wanted to be proud by the countless praise and salutation that I got from the people who knew my level of skill; playing as a healing class character.

These urge that I got, this hands trembling to touch WoW again.

WoW, you’ve been there all my youth life. Never there to forsake me; never there to broke my heart to a million pieces. Just you wait; for I shall once again, thrive in your world of fantasy. Just you wait. 

With deepest love; with much love;
To my favourite Character: Sizuka.

I love you, girl.

PS: To those who are reading and got none clue whatsoever, don’t worry, its just another rambling found deep inside my heart.