Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pero English

HUHU looked liked i must furthering study at UIA. My parents really wanted me to go to UIA there. Maybe they wants me to became a ustaz sooner or later.but to me, i lazy go to UIA there. because i knows there, must be alim one. but i not really ready yet for changing u know.i still want enjoy life. i want try drunk tiger beer biskuat. even once in life also can. because we just lived once in life rite? so we must tried it even once. u know, life are too short itself. i think i want makes troubleshooter at UIA there. i think if i made troubles UIA will kicked me outed from the campus. huhu that are good news for me. i can move to other uni/colleges.later, i can keep my hair longs back. huhu later i will looks HOT like before. thnks for readed. peace yo!

english pro


  1. khaidir.
    i suka engelish you.

  2. ohh aww thanks im touching HAHA

  3. HAHA
    perbanyakkan bercakapan bahasa keengerishan terlebihan lagi ya khaidir.
    you masalah engelish, i masalah bm.

  4. well, i pun masalah bm. i dapat C for bm in spm. gila tak gila T.T

  5. lai.anchor strong sama JACK D.aku open bottle.LAI LA

  6. you engelish super duper pero