Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meet The Co-Pilot

Hye! Do i know u? I do? Maybe? Huh? GG!

I am the co-pilot. So yeah, hye. i am the handsome co-pilot.
People call me handsome but i dont really like it. So please call me deco.
okokok? fuck me. Huh?

So, my engelish is so damn godly pro supergodly superduper gamehameha good. I am good in engelish. Me can tok engelish very power till your mother drops! How can your mother drops? Me donno. But me pro can make your mother drop. Drop what? Drop le. U donno drop ar? GG la like this.

Hmm. I was get my engelish 120% on my all exams. See, i told you already is very good. Engelish so damn simple. No need study one. Only talk le. You can master your engelish for sure mar. Me can teach you engelish no biggie one la. Call me, me sure teach one.

Hmm looked liked i am very gooded now so i need to rest. I want rest le.

Nice meeting you guys.

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