Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello earthlings, how are you guys doing. Basically im busy with house chores (paintings&some other stuffs). 1 more week before the day arrives that is my brother's wedding. Ahh forget about that. Let us talk about something else. Ive someone in mind who currently bugging me - Jusin Bieber AKA Justin Bab*Fuc*er and so on. Just so you know, he is a kid who hasn't hit puberty and he needs a baby sitter. I have no freaking idea why girls out there are dying for him(sorry and no offence, not you). That stup*d Justin Bieber sounds like a 'she'. Seriously when i first heard his song in the radio i thought he was a girl which i told to myself 'hmm quite a nice voice,girl'. But the most irritating part is when people saying im having Justin Bieber's hairstyle. OMFG! You really get on my nerves Justin Biber. You are the one who copied my hairstyle and people around claiming i copied yours. Please GTH -.- PLEASE DIE JB PLEASE DIE JB PLEASE DIE JB, Bye -.-


  1. please don't hate Justin Bieber -______-

  2. yeah,ure hairstyle just similar to HIM-Justin Bieber :)
    but dia nye colour n ko nye hitam-thats da only difference!
    nway,just hairstyle.

  3. tunggu dia baligh, nanti dia tukar hairstyle