Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Friends,

I am sorry for not texting, calling, asking what are u guys doing now and etc LOL. This is due to the extinction of my credits! Sorry guys. I know some of you might claim im someone who forgets friends, someone who doesnt want to spend time with the others. Its just i dont reeally have times for that, due to time management and laziness =x no just kidding. I just want you to know that i miss all of you. Including you. Yes the one who reads this -.- zzzz. Even youre not my friend. Yeap its true im a kind-hearted cute guy. Sorry, self-proclaiming. No, its true im someone worth friend with! Btw im currently super bored.
Ok, on the other hand, I play DOTA like almost everyday. Poor my baby. Sorry sweetie, you gotta understand that your bf is a pro gamer (yet to be) LOL. Im so lucky cause she understands me, else she would have dumped me =/ Dont worry i wont neglect you :) till then, see ya!


  1. Hek'eleh. Nak pengsan I baca your post.

  2. tukar la line. free calls maaaa. :P

  3. Yeap its true im a kind-hearted cute guy.

    soryy tergag kejap mase bace.

  4. erk! hah amy! lol
    line? no sorry saya sangat kaya untuk line :)
    haha iwa jgn pensan please. i know youre touched