Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is the story of my love life, sad and bitter.

After months being with her, i decided to let her go real soon. This is my destiny. I was destined not to be with her for forever, or i might get her back soon. Time will tell. Months having a real deep feelings towards her, lived with her, slept with her, done everything with her are just history that will never be coming back. I feel like jumping from a newly-build skycrapper, Burj Al-Khalifah in UAE. Yes i was madly in love with her we had a splendid time together. Her body, her eyes, and hands made me live happily like no one ever exist in the world except for me and her. She treated me very nicely. She was also very dear to me. I know, what an absurd decision i have made. Im a right cunt! People said we were perfectly matched but all i can do is nothing. Good bye my dear, may god bless you. Dear feelings of mine, please go away. I'll keep you buried in my god damn fucking mind, MAA 64. Yes, she is my car.


  1. my brother nak pakai. so ive to use his car

  2. Dude, at least you have a car. I thought you won't have a car anymore! Ketuk karang!

  3. It's Ok, just take a couple of months only, NOT until the end of this year, but maybe till October-November~