Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello friends. Ive been busy lately. My brother's wedding preparation, games, etc. I still cant take my hands off my keyboard. I'm practically bored with DOTA and PirateKingOnline. I tried WoW and WoW is awesome. Alas, it needs a quite high graphic which my laptop cant really run it.
Hmm well as a consumer, Ive been wondering about something. One question suddenly appears, "why things(chair/lamp/water heater/car/battery/wallet/etc -.- do not last long". Why cant they live long without any damage even they are hit/crashed severely. I'm wondering if that is how big companies gain profit. Come on, we are in 21st century, living in a high-tech world. We can invent robots,rockets and satellites but why cant we invent a last-long goods. Go my friend, you can make a difference. Be a great inventor.

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