Friday, April 9, 2010

All Messed Up

Hey its been a while. 3 weeks i guess? I'm not really sure but ahh forget about that. I'm currently tensed up. I don't know what tensed me. Fuck i still cant figure it out. MUET is like weeks from now. And I'm quite stressed. I studied NONE. NONE i tell you. I at least want Ben 4 and above. Fuck i need a vacation. Please let me outta here. i mean where am i staying right now. Practically I'm sitting and wasting my fucking time DOTA-ing, PKO-ing (Pirate King Online,for your info) and FB-ing. I really have nothing to do. 3 months to go before my new semester starts back. What a very long vacation. I'm not used to a long vacation. Yes i need books with me, i love books, i sleep with them. Books are like my closest buddy. You guys aren't. Sorry no heart feelings. I'm just in love with books. Fuck i should get married soon, with a book. ah man I'm in love. fuck, stop crapping mofo. bye <3


  1. come study with me for muet in nilai bebeh!

  2. why are u so in love with books? 4 flat naqib ni pun tak mcm u tau.haha.n i thought ur in love with me? haha