Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello, yes I am back again. Theoretically I do not know what Ive been thinking about lately. Too many unwanted thoughts crossed my mind. My house is at chaos currently with renovations happening in it. Ive been living with dust/dirty air since then. My foot never get cleaned, my room never get fresh and tidy. I shall say I am living in a very healthy lifestyle, LOL! Hmm, actually i feel pity to my parents because they spent thousands for our house. To me, of course it is a real big loss but to them it gives pleasure to their hearts&minds. I know, after several years of hard-work, this is the right time for them to finally smell all the money they managed to earn from the beginning. Guys,u would know how they feel when you guys are at their age. So do not stop loving them guys before they are gone. I LOVE MY AYAH & MUMMY S2
Khaidir :)


  1. 30k to renovate ur house? whoa. gila kayaaaaaaa

  2. yeah, i've been thru already dir.
    my parents did renovation to our house too.
    they spent waaaaaaayyy to much for me.

  3. awww so sweet kawan aku

  4. Guys guys btw im so sorry, didnt mean to brag/show off about my house reno. Just sharing.

  5. i mahu pigi itu rumah.i bawak house sliper i sndr xpe. :D