Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bereft of hope.

Hye its been weeks since my last post. Im technically bored and just finished playing dota with izzat hazwan,haris ayub,haziq harun and izzat's friend. I must say it was a tough game, PHEW. We lost but lost with pride actually. We won the first game, at least haha. Duhh dota, a game which girls hate the most. Haha. Some girls even play dota and yes i do respect them! They are prooo. Fuck it i need to spice my skills up in dota. ahh knock it out. You should be boring reading this crap. Well yeah im currently stuck here in my room doing nothing. I mean ill be enjoying a very long holiday-like 5 months? Im dead meat! i have nothing to do. Working will not be the answer. Sorry if you have that cunt idea in your mind. Ill pass, heh sorry. I dont know why, i once worked with quiksilver. I had enough. Working = boring X boring X boring X boring and blabla. Ok, done crapping. Nite friends, love ya S2


  1. Us girls usually use this statement for guys who loves DOTA. "DOTA = Dunia orang takda awek!"
    But somehow, you ada GF. So, tak boleh nak cakap kat you.
    Later, when I find a new word that can replace the A = Awek, I'll tell you tau.

  2. Eh I play DOTA apa! And it's addictive I tell you :D

  3. haha u play dota? jom dota, garena! hha. yes its addictive

  4. hmm i think Awek can be replaced with Anak? still have gf but no children aha

  5. DOTA-damn old testicles associations.