Monday, September 6, 2010

I am a vicegerent of Allah. But why I never care the prohibitions that have been drawn for me and of course for us, Muslim. My world revolves around Maksiat, all of the bad things. Yes I am scared of Allah's punishment in the life of hereafter. I know how far am I standing now from other Muslims out there. I'm like trillion kilometers and thousand months away from them. I am left behind.

Today, I'm walking fast to get myself there, I mean where other Muslims are standing right now. I know it's impossible but insyaAllah, in Allah's will, I'll get there. I know I'm no match for paradise but it's worth a try. Come my friends, it's not like we've missed our plane and we will never get another plane. We can still reach there. Allah will assist us in many ways. It's just between you and the heart now.