Wednesday, February 17, 2010


hye i was handsome! that was long ago laaaa. now me no longer handsome. now, tomolo i got paper one. exam la i mean. paper called BMW ma. not the car laa. haiyooo. u always jump into conclusion one. not that one. this BMW we call basic method and report writing. quite hard la this subject one. me also donno what come out. me espect easy the one lah. cause me also study not good one. i mean me study then online study then online. HAHAHAH bad me aaa. silly lo me. lazy one. when want study also i donno one. hehe. later la. i wanna go sleep lo. tired edi. me driven car so traffic jam a! walao 2 hours u think what? 2 hours in traffic jam can die ooo. haish. me go sleep aa. nite people!
Bad English teaches us to be better anyhow. I mean, where we were from? We didn't write and speak nice and smoothly when we were young. It is experience that makes us a great and intelligent. Thank you.

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