Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Its been a long time ~

It's been a long long time since i last put a note for myself on facebook. It has also been a long time since i need to remind myself of something that is such dear to me. Usually that is the case when I'm feeling so down, or when i miss my mother.

But today, it's neither of that. Today, perhaps; for the first time, it's just me and my inept remarks of myself.

So what is it all about? It's the void. The same damn void that i felt many years ago. It keeps on appearing puncturing a hole deep inside of me; making me feel soulless and empty.

I've kept myself occupied, i gained a lot of nice friends to talk with; to hang out with. I've somehow attach myself to a person i can call a brother.

So why does it keeps on appearing; the void? Was it me? Did i do something wrong? Did i miss anything? Why?

To be honest with, i don't even know.

I need someone. Someone to keep reminding me of something that i don't even know about. And that doesn't make any sense at all. But i know i do need someone, someone to miss to, someone to keep my smile on. But i just don't know who.

Someone to keep me mesmerized, is that even possible?

I used to ignore these kind of bullshit; thinking it's just me and my head. But i know deep inside, i can't keep on ignoring this void as it is growing bigger and bigger; puncturing and rending a deeper hole on my soul.

Will i one day be soulless, keeps on wandering like i have no purpose in life?

I do not want that. I have to find a cure. I have to find the elixir; the remedy to this prolonged sickness.

So, will you be my cure?


  1. of course i will, tako dulu bak 1 :D chill bro, kawan-kawan ade.

  2. i've always wondered those things about you. mcm terfikir,keder xrase those things ke?hmm guess you are human after all. -maggie

  3. rasanya smua org ad prasaan cm 2...
    someone yg boleh igtkn kita slalu...
    huhuhu...mayb,suatu hari nanti awk akan jumpa..

  4. That's normal. Don't beat urself up over it.

  5. bro,congrats.
    at last,u show de human part in urself.
    it's true about wht ur fren said, that u've ur friends.
    it cant be denied that all ur fren will alwaz by ur side when u need them.
    but still,u need someone that more than a fren to fill up de empty side in ur life.
    dont ignore those things,but try to adapt with it. (:

  6. Thats not Khaidir. Thats me, Hardan Fo Noitome.

  7. kenapa ada 2 orang???

  8. Because there's always have been 2 writer on this blog ?