Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aite so yesterday I went to LIFE to check out some news, to wash my rusty brain of course. I have been sittin in my room for like days, studying. So yeah I checked out pictures of this girl named "Mila Kunis". What I had in my mind was "Hmm she is quite a catch". Not that I like her but she looks just hot, naturally. Yes.
Suddenly my friend, got into my room and checked her out as well. He then said, "Dude, try google this, "Ballerina Bun". I was reluctant at first. But then he managed to convince me so I did. And so I google-ed this "Ballerina Bun". Cus of the latency of the speed of my broadband, only a picture got out. And I said to him, "Dude, she is old -.- WTF man". And few seconds after that, heaps of pictures comin out with different faces. I was like err what is this. YOU GOT ME BRO. That moment, I laughed hard, like real hard. "Ballerina Bun" is actually a hairstyle. Haha. You really made my day bro, you did. You got me. Cheers :)

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